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Making more
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As Nottingham and Loughborough counselling partners, we help you overcome difficulties, remove unhelpful negativity and embrace positive new energy in your life. We are uniquely placed to empower individuals, couples, groups, students, businesses, international workers/students, enabling people to change their lives for the better.

Collectively, we have diverse experience in life, business, law, higher education, and counselling. Unlike many practitioners who work alone, we pool our unique experience and support each other constantly, offering you a richer and more progressive experience.

We counsel in the heart of Loughborough and Nottingham, and other venues close to you by arrangement.  We also counsel by telephone and by video chat. 


Who we help

We serve a wide variety of clients, including individuals, couples, groups, students, businesses, international workers/students, and regard each person as equally important to us in their own right.

We help with

Our approach is suited to helping people make more of themselves whether they are “well”, “healthy”, or like many of us “troubled” in some way.

How we work

Typically, counselling invloves one-to-one conversations each lasting 50 mins. We also counsel couples and groups.

Keith Abbott

Keith Abbott

Owner | Person-Centered Therapist

I’m passionate about using counselling to help you make more of your life. That can involve many things, inc. finding the inner strength to overcome troubles, obtaining greater happiness and fulfilment, or discovering your life purpose and living true to yourself (authentically).  I work with people of many nationalities and backgrounds, from students to the working, unemployed, retired and adults of private means.  I welcome the chance of helping and accompanying you as you make positive life changes.

Kaiqing Yang

Kaiqing Yang

Owner | Person-Centered Therapist

Having been through some major transitions in my life, I found my own independence and power. It’s my passion to help people do the same. It always fascinates me seeing how strong people can be, sometimes without themselves realising, and I am privileged to have walked alongside them through those tough journeys. I love to connect with people from all different backgrounds with various struggles and strive to provide an open and respecting environment for them to explore and grow.

Accreditations, Memberships and Qualifications

We both have Masters Degrees from Nottingham University in Person-Centred Experiential Counselling & Psychotherapy Practice.

We both have Advanced Post Diploma Certificates in Person-Centred Couples Counselling.

We also both have clear Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service checks which you’re welcome to inspect.

Keith’s doctorate / title “Dr” relates to his research qualification at PhD level and does not imply a general medical qualification.

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We’re here for you…

To help you overcome difficulties, we provide person-centred counselling and psychotherapy. This is a form of talking therapy. You do not need to have anything ‘wrong’ with you to benefit. We can help ‘well’ people make more of their lives, as well as helping you if you have current or past personal, psychological or relationship troubles. Our therapy relies on a close trusting relationship, so is best seen as a joint venture between you and us. Mostly we work one-to-one, but we can also work with groups.

Let's Get Started

Get in touch with us and tell a little about yourself so we can discuss with you how we might help. When you’re ready to move forward, we practice in Nottingham and Loughborough and, by arrangement, at other venues across the East Midlands, by telephone, video and chat.