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Author: Abbott & Yang
Date: 5th August 2018

Having a personal blog on a professional counselling website has always struck us as unnecessarily egotistical and going against the nature of what counselling is about. After all, counselling and psychotherapy are about helping clients learn their own deeper understandings and truths, and find the courage to act on them and live more empowered and authentic lives.  Counselling and psychotherapy are not about us filling you with theories or prescribing how you should think or behave. Yet we refuse to believe that we can only help you experience the kind of personal growth and empowerment that counselling offers if you attend 1-2-1 counselling sessions.  So we decided not just to blog, but blog in a way that does not simply promote ourselves, our counselling service, or any single theory or truth. (Aside from agreeing that  person-centred counselling is a wonderful thing,  we actually disagree with each other a lot, and have both grown and developed as people very much from exploring our different perspectives and beliefs).  We have therefore set ourselves the task of blogging in a way that highlights to you that both our and your own truths are not always as straightforward as they first seem, that really we don’t know better than you how you should live your life, but that there are ways that together we might figure out such things, even if we never meet.

We intend that this blog might be, at least for some readers, one such way.  If you’re in counselling with either of us we hope this blog may be an occasional light supplement to your personally tailored sessions. And if you’re not in counselling with us, we hope our posts will serve as springboards enabling you to dive into your own potential for self-reflection,  critical-thinking, problem-solving and personal growth.

So, welcome to our blog…..

Keith and Kai