Video counselling & telephone counselling during the coronavirus pandemic



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Author: Abbott & Yang
Date: 1st April 2020

Abbott & Yang are pleased to continue providing online counselling and psychotherapy and telephone sessions throughout the coronavirus / covid-19 pandemic using simple to use technologies, apps and software. We have offered online and telephone counselling for several years. Providing you can be somewhere private and use a smartphone, computer, tablet or landline telephone we may be able to help you despite social distancing. 

Some of our thoughts and reasons behind this statement are mentioned below. Essentially though, we’re very much still here and able to support and help clients as before coronavirus changed the world.

Counselling and psychotherapy are essentially talking therapies which involve private face-to-face conversations between 2 or more individuals.  These therapies rely on human connection and relationships which can be adapted to delivery by telephone or online technologies.

As we all move through a worldwide pandemic, and all the fears, anxieties, disruption, sadness, loss, changes and indeed opportunities this creates, the usefulness of talking therapies like ours is perhaps at its highest. Yet, to fight back against this pandemic social distancing guidelines are being issued across the world. In-person counselling has become a risky, worrisome, potentially destructive activity. While the battle against this dreadful virus continues, and health organisations implore us to alter our behaviours and governments increasingly restrict our lives for the greater good, we both have therefore concluded it would be unsafe and indeed unethical for us to continue to deliver face-to-face sessions even if government restrictions do not (yet) prevent this. Nor do we wish to at present have to decide for ourselves which clients to meet and which not to see, not least because no screening method exists or is available to us which would make us fully confident about such assessments.

We have therefore concluded that online video and/or audio counselling as well as telephone counselling are the best ways we can continue to provide existing and new clients with the counselling and psychotherapy we so passionately believe can be a great help to people throughout these severely testing times.  We have been offering video and telephone sessions to existing clients for several years already, so for us this is more a shift in the emphasis of our practice than a leap into unknown territory.

So, we are pleased to be able to continue to offer person-centred counselling to individuals, couples and groups online and by phone throughout the pandemic and mounting government restrictions.

We are however saddened to lose the opportunity of working in person with clients into the foreseeable future and hope that our shift to online and telephone working has some impact not just on the lives of our clients, but the battle, stresses, worries and changes in which we are all very much caught up.


Keith & Kai