What we help with

You don’t need a diagnosis

Our approach is suited to helping you make more of yourself whether you are ‘well’, ‘healthy’ or, like many of us, ‘troubled’ in some way. A medical diagnosis isn’t required. We don’t use diagnostic terms or labels for people ourselves. Basically, we work with you, not your “illness”.

We help with

Here are just a few ways counselling may help you change your life for the better:

Achieving self-development

Our form of counselling isn’t just for people who think they have diagnosable problems. It can help improve your state of mind and lead to improvements in a variety of life areas, such as motivation and progress in your studies, work or sports, your dating and relationships, even “finding yourself” when you feel lost and (re)discovering your life purpose or the meaning of life for you,  or more modestly increasing your experience of happiness and fulfilment. 

Addressing relationship troubles

Often it feels like it is not ourselves which is our biggest problem, but other people. Whether you come to us on your own or as a couple/group, we can help you deal with problematic situations and other people, including those who seem controlling, bullies, passive aggressive or abusive. You may then make changes to better equip yourself for relationships with others.

Moving on from past trauma/abuse

Past shocks or abuse, whether physical, sexual, or emotional, can leave people feeling scarred and permanently damaged. We can help people discover their own unique keys to moving on after harrowing experiences.

Overcoming stress, anxiety,
panic attacks

Whether work-related, study-related, specific trigger-related, feelings of stress or anxiety, even panic, are all too common. We can help unravel the source of such feelings, and provide support that enables you to feel less troubled by such human responses.

Getting over addiction

Addictions take many forms, from substance abuse to sexual addictions including excessive use of pornography or high numbers of casual sexual partners. These can be difficult issues for people to admit to themselves, let alone seek help for. Our non-judgmental approach is well-suited to helping if you have such issues.

Coming to terms with loss/bereavement

The loss of a dear one, end of a relationship, or sudden unpleasant change in life, can be experienced as a huge, debilitating loss. It can be difficult to imagine how one’s life can continue. We are here to help you get through such experiences.

Dealing with loneliness/depression/self-harm/suicide

We’ve grouped these as they can be a progression, though not always. Most of us feel very down at some time, which can be bad enough. Life is not always how we imagine it should be, and we may feel driven to retreat from or escape it. Counselling may not be the only way out from any of this, but research shows it can be as effective a treatment as drugs or other forms of therapy.

Working through culture shock

We both have first-hand experience of being in a new culture, alien work or family environment (which is not always away from home). Having someone to confidentially share your feelings and worries with can provide a powerful boost. In counselling, you can explore the nature of your own cultural or personal dispositions, how they affect your life and how you can create change.

What is person-centred counselling?

This is an evidence-based, internationally recognised “style” of talking therapy founded by American psychologist and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Carl Rogers (1902-1987). It’s based on the principle that each person is their own best expert, and has the capacity to make proper sense of and make their own best choices in their lives. As P-C counsellors, we are specially trained (to Masters’ degree level) to understand you, without judgement and with personal genuineness, and so provide a form of relationship in which you may experience psychological growth. We don’t just “listen and nod.” Our own genuineness and understandings will be shared with you in your sessions, but we do not “diagnose,” “advise” or “tell you what to do”. Our role is to help you to empower yourself.

Who we help

Quite simply, our service is intended for people. This said, we have built our service so it is particularly well-equipped to provide counselling to private individuals/couples, business clients, and international students/workers.

As a student in first year of university who was dealing with intense home pressures as well as anxiety around unviersity exams, keith helped me discuss my problems openly - he was someone I could turn to when I was feeling extremely alone.

He helped me discuss and explore problems in the past which I had been trying to distract myself from and helped me reflect on how to deal with them.

After the counselling sessions I felt more aware of my problems and [a] much more assured person.

I recommend keith because he has a very calm and gentle approach which allowed me to feel comfortable sharing some very personal details with him.

Having such a kind, honest and trustworthy person to speak to about everything has really helped me understand and deal with certain aspects of my life.

I now understand myself much better than before I started counselling and this has helped me feel much more confident about myself.

I never thought talking to someone could be so helpful

I have never been so well understood

You helped me find a lot of strength in myself

Your belief in me gave me great encouragement to make the right choice.

Let's Get Started

Get in touch with us and tell a little about yourself so we can discuss with you how we might help. When you’re ready to move forward, we practice online (by audio and / or video) and by telephone.