Who we help

Our clients

We serve a wide variety of clients, and regard each person as equally important to us in their own right. We offer one-to-one sessions, couples group work, by online audio/video and telephone counselling. 

Individuals, couples and groups

We see private individuals with a vast range of personal issues in 1-2-1 sessions. We also see couples and groups which may be working through difficluties effecting their relationships with each other or perhaps facing a common problem or difficulty together (e.g. supporting a family member whose health is a great concern, or dealing with a bullying boss who is creating difficulties for a group of colleagues).  All of our clients are, in some way, private individuals. We are always pleased and honoured to meet new clients and to share in their troubles and successes as we accompany them in their journeys of self-discovery.  


We can provide a confidential ‘Employee Assistance Programme’ of one-to-one and group counselling sessions for your staff, either at work or in separate counselling rooms in Nottingham, Loughborough or possibly closer to you. We also offer a discrete service to business owners or managers, including person-centred dispute resolution. We can also work with businesses/HR teams to audit staff for work-related stress and supply a counselling-based package aimed at reducing or pre-empting such difficulties.

International Workers/Students

Kaiqing moved to England as an international student, and Keith has experience teaching and counselling workers and students from overseas. We are sensitive to the troubles overseas students and workers can have, not just adapting to English ways of study but also being away from their home country and feeling an outsider here. We can offer counselling backed by personal insight into and experience of overcoming and living through culture shock.


We provide one-to-one and group counselling to students. Having ourselves been students for many years, at numerous Universities, we are keen to service the needs of Higher Education students. Although no psychological condition is unique to students, we believe students are subject to an unusual combination of stresses and circumstances which may together prove challenging. We also counsel students who must complete many hours of personal therapy as part of their University counsellor training.

As a student in first year of university who was dealing with intense home pressures as well as anxiety around unviersity exams, keith helped me discuss my problems openly - he was someone I could turn to when I was feeling extremely alone.

He helped me discuss and explore problems in the past which I had been trying to distract myself from and helped me reflect on how to deal with them.

After the counselling sessions I felt more aware of my problems and [a] much more assured person.

I recommend keith because he has a very calm and gentle approach which allowed me to feel comfortable sharing some very personal details with him.

Having such a kind, honest and trustworthy person to speak to about everything has really helped me understand and deal with certain aspects of my life.

I now understand myself much better than before I started counselling and this has helped me feel much more confident about myself.

I never thought talking to someone could be so helpful

I have never been so well understood

You helped me find a lot of strength in myself

Your belief in me gave me great encouragement to make the right choice.

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Get in touch with us and tell a little about yourself so we can discuss with you how we might help. When you’re ready to move forward, we practice online (by audio and / or video) and by telephone.